Use these three samples to get an idea of how to create a chronological, functional, or combination resume for remote work. Read our full guide on how and why to write a remote work cover letter here.

  • The best thing to do is to limit your resume to no more than two pages.
  • Don’t distract them with extras that won’t help you prove why you’re a good candidate.
  • When you are applying for a remote role, your resume needs to show that you are a great worker both in and out of the office.Read More…
  • Craft a 2-3 sentence elevator pitch or personal branding statement that describes what you do, what you’re interested in/passionate about, and how you can help the company succeed.
  • Hiring managers will be pleased to know that you’ve got a list of companies that trust you to do your job at a distance.

If you need a pair of fresh eyes, enlist a friend or family member to take a look, too. It’s a sad reality that hiring discrimination exists even at the resume review stage. According toHarvard Business School, people of color who left references to race off their resume got twice as many call-backs as people who chose not to “whiten” their resumes. As surely as millennials love avocado toast , resumes remain one of your most crucial tools on the job hunt. Throughout your work experience section, focus on your achievements rather than your responsibilities. It is important to demonstrate that you can be a successful goal-oriented employee, both in the office and when working from home.

A Guide To Listing Remote Work On A Resume

Reverse chronological is generally structured with a value proposition statement on the top, followed by experience and education. Job Objective To obtain a Remote Worker position with established firm in which to put my experience and past training in this field to work. A large portion of a business’s success is attributed to onboarding the right how to indicate remote work on resume candidates at the right time. It can be tricky to create these types of narratives and present them in a brief and digestible way. Fortunately, there are several frameworks that break down the process into easy steps. About 35% of CEO’s have already started expanding benefits to keep employee turnover from being rampant and to entice new talent.

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  • That being said, writing a CV or resume for a flexible or remote position is unlike writing a resume for an ordinary 9-to-5.

And though that doesn’t mean you’re not a part of a team, remote employers expect you to be independent. It’s not so easy to pop into your boss’s office or your coworker’s cubicle to get an answer to a question when you’re separated by miles and time zones. As a rule, many of the skills you already have are precisely the kind of remote skills employers want in their staff. In fact, most of the skills you need to be a successful remote worker are the same skills you need to be a successful worker no matter where you work. The ultimate resource for remote work – actionable insights and advice for remote job seekers, employees, and employers. Yes, it’s increasingly common for job listings to show that they’re open to remote but some companies still list a location and note that remote work is supported. In other situations, companies may not mention remote work at all but are still open to it if you’re an excellent candidate.

Make It Known You’re In The Market For A Remote Job

Mention your tech skills and experience with remote-specific tools like Google Drive, Zoom, Trello, Dropbox, or SharePoint. You can use our remote company database to find companies that use the technology you’re already familiar with. Don’t forget to show your dedication to your remote work, especially if you are applying for a remote position. Because remote jobs require a special set of skills, you’ll want your resume to reflect that — especially if you already have experience working remotely. Consider the skills you’ll need to succeed, identify which of them you possess, and highlight them within your resume. We live in a time when your online presence matters more than ever before.

  • Here, you’ll want to think about both the technical and soft skills that make you a strong remote employee.
  • The key is to show that you know how and when to use these digital tools in a virtual setting on your resume for remote work.
  • The idea behind this section is to show that you’re familiar with remote working tools and are tech-savvy to adapt to any other tools if need be.
  • Most importantly, explain why you want to work remotely and professionally grow in a virtual team.

When revamping your resume for a specific remote position, pull keywords from the job description and work them into the skills listed on your resume. Also, list measurable achievements from your previous jobs, not just tasks you completed on a daily basis. These small changes will really help your resume stand out from the crowd and will help you attract more attention. Your key skills section needs to highlight a mixture of your soft and hard skills.

Planning To Work Remotely? Youll Need A Resume For That

This is where you set your intent as a job applicant — and it’s the perfect spot to mention your desire and ability to work remotely. Also, if you’ve previously held remote positions, call those out in your work experience section by listing “remote” in place of the company’s location. In fact, many employers and remote employees might consider remote work a skill in itself. It takes a lot of focus, discipline, and strong communication to be an efficient and effective remote worker, and not everyone is cut out for it. If you’re seeking a remote job opportunity, it’s important to showcase your remote skills during the application process. Employers want to know you’re equipped to work from home, and there are several ways you can highlight this on your resume.

Building a professional websiteor portfolio could give you a serious leg up on the competition. You can show projects you’ve worked on, articles you’ve written, or even testimonials from past employers, colleagues, or clients. This is still a good rule of thumb to follow, unless you have a particularly long list of achievements and certifications.

Your resume highlights your major accomplishments, but your cover letter is a chance to show your voice and advocate for yourself as a candidate. Gone are the days when your resume went directly to a hiring manager. Now, many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems to filter out resumes before they get in front of human eyes.

How To Create A Star Method Resume With Examples

On the other hand, it should be easy to understand for someone outside your line of career. To strike balance between the two, use plain professional language, no abbreviations and slang, and rely on strong action verbs. Similarly, if you have worked on freelance jobs or projects with related responsibilities, you can unite them under the title. I.e., “Marketing Content Writer – Freelance,” following the names of companies you worked for. This is a quick way to showcase the nature of your work to a future employee. Worked on XYZ Global’s award-winning webinar and podcast series. This was a remote position which required me to communicate across time zones, coordinate production teams, and manage a medium-sized budget.

  • It is important to be extremely clear that you are looking for a remote work opportunity.
  • These roles may call for additional skills or certifications, a jump in seniority, or may be in a totally different field from your experience.
  • However, a carefully crafted cover letter requires time, energy, and a willingness to brag about yourself a little.
  • Here are some ideas to give your resume a quick remote work makeover.
  • Your cover letter is also a great place to re-emphasize your WFH-relevant experience.

Here’s how you can include your remote work experience in your resume without sacrificing content. Ready to hire a resume expert and land the remote job of your dreams?

Dont Forget Your Vital Soft Skills

Whenever possible, includeaction wordsthat show exactly how you contributed in every previous position. Think of the space in your resume as valuable real estate — you can’t afford to waste space on words that don’t help you show your worth.

For example, writing for your own blog or editing your own photos on Photoshop are good hobbies to add. If you’re serious about starting a home-based career, we recommend getting your own email address. That Not only does it appear more professional than @yahoo or @gmail, it also communicates your digital savviness to your prospective employers. If you have a portfolio that highlights your previous work, this should be referenced in your resume.

how to indicate remote work on resume

Generally, discussing your achievements instead of just your duties is the best way to catch a hiring manager’s eye. If you want to make sure that your remote experience is highlighted in your resume, include accomplishments that occurred while you were telecommuting.

The pandemic disrupted the lives of both the employers and the employees. And as the work-from-home opportunities have gone up, the value of a strong resume has also increased. To qualify for remote employment, it is important to update your resume accordingly. As you can see, there’s no magic formula for creating a winning remote job resume. It’s all about connecting the dots for the employer and helping them see how your current skill set is the right skill set for their remote role.

how to indicate remote work on resume

Blog about the skills you’ve acquired, lessons you’ve learned, challenges you’ve faced, and things you’ve accomplished while working remotely. Then share the content on social media to maximize your visibility. Add phrases like “from home” and “remotely” to clarify which roles involved telecommuting, and detail how they were performed off-site. These details can make all the difference in your remote job resume and help you stand out from the other applicants.

The first assignment I was sent on ended up not being a match for me. So well, that the company selected me out of all of their contract employees, to become part of their team. Even though I’m no longer a part of Advance Staffing, I wouldn’t have the great job that I have now without the help.

In other instances, companies might not mention remote work at all but will consider it as an option if you’re qualified for the role. In particular, employers expect to see that you are proficient with specific remote work software, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Dropbox, Google Suite, MS Office, Trello, and more. These remote collaboration tools are used by most organizations so knowing them well will give you a plus. A job title on your resume is another way to subtly let a prospective employer know about your remote working experience.

When working remotely, it is integral that you can collaborate with your teammates despite the physical distance between you. To demonstrate this on a resume, it is important to showcase the experience you have with different collaboration software.